This is a performance by Seamless Dance Theater. It was the opening number and is about creatures that come out to play when the clock strikes midnight

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition
Category: Performance
Keywords: Erin Novak Lustig Seamless modern jazz
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Overall rating: 4.6
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#15 Very original dance piece!
This choreography was so different than I've seen before. The use of lighting along with the costuming and especially the masks enhanced the performance...I loved it! This choreographer is VERY TALENTED!
#14 Reminds me
I haven't seen such dancing grace since my friend Dustin and I at Dixie bell in 5th or 6th grade. If this dance wins it will only be because I showed Erin what it takes to make a dance succesful. J/k proud of you Erin!
#13 Mesmerizing
Brillantly choreographed!
#12 amazing!
never seen anything like it!
#11 Wow!!
crazy and twisted!! I wish I had seen it in the theater!!!

#10 ahhhhh
my brain is kind of frozen from all that so I didn't know exactly what to say but croccy (Australian)that was amazing!
#9 My Eyes Were GLUED!!!!!!!!
It was awesome chaos that was great and creative. I loved how you made the dance go with the lights. I give credit to the person that was on the stilts, you did great, that must of took a long time to learn or maybe you are a fast learner.
#7 Creative!
Good use of stage, lighting and dancers! You are very creative in your use of movement to the music. Keep it up !
#6 good stuff
this piece is amazing on video, but it was even better seeing it live!

#5 Inventive
Fabulous piece! Even with the not-so-good-quality video, I can tell this is outstanding choreography and dancing. Would love to see it on stage.
#4 yes....
I think the piece was choreographed as part of the lighting. That's how concert dancing works. Sometimes you design choreography & the lighting together! Makes it more dramatic! I love it!!
#3 Cool
This is great. Wanted to see more!
#2 wow
i liked this peice but near the beginning it seemed like the dancers were just relying on the lights!
#1 Freaky
That was awesome!!!! I really liked the drastic effects. The lights were cool too!
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