Zeynep Dikmen Pointe Variation

This is me doing a pointe variation on pointe with my ballet classmates. I am the second on our left.

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#13 YEA!
Yea, my class a temptation to spike their index fingers up!
#12 work on your fingers!
some of your fingers where REALLY spiky?
#11 I'm going o pointe soon too!
I'm almost on pointe, I am so excited. you guys are amazing!
#10 Where..
Where do you guy take ballet, anyway?
#9 WOW
Great job guys. You deserve to win.

#8 Most
Most of us on here are 10 and 11 years old.
#7 Some
Some aren't wearing pointe shoes because some didn't feel comfortable doing the variation with them. Most of them are new on pointe.
#6 ???
how come one is not wearing Pointe shoes? Look for her in the end...
#5 Why is there a subject line?
Anyway, work on timing... Otherwise good.
#4 Umm
that looks good i am getting my pointe shoes when i turn my next age so you look good for starting on pointe. i wish you luck with them

#3 Cool...
You guys look really young. I'm getting my Pointe shoes in five days! I'm really excited!!!! :)
#2 Cute!
I am a level six at houston ballet! I remember seeing you guys do this! I was watching through the window! Great job!
#1 Wow
WOW, how young are you guys? I am 13 and just got my pointe shoes. You guy's are WAY better then me! Great job.
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