Whitney Jensen at Varna

Whitney Jensen, a student at Valentina Kozlova's Dance Conservatory of New York, at Varna International Ballet Competition, where she became the first female and first American to win the junior division's Special Distinction Grand Prix.

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Overall rating: 4.3
Votes: 14
60 points


#10 ?
wasnt she on the cover of dance magazine?
#9 Very Lovely
The first pirouette-a la seconde combination appeared so effortless; she's quite centered in her turns. A very precise technician, as well.
#8 music
could someone please tell me what the name of the music is i would like to use it for an audition
#7 :)
i thought this was really really good! she has great turns!! the only thing that i didnt like about her dancing was her arms in fifth position... they bother me a little bit... still, she's fantastic!!
#6 Wonderful turns
That first pirouette combo was wonderful. Beautiful costume as well.

#5 great
I thought this piece was beautifully danced. I thought the pointe shoes were fine, but I can understand why some people didn't think so. Overall I thought it was GREAT! =)
#4 this is a wonderful piece
but i really dnt like how yu repeated the same steps... but from watchin this,, i kno yur a wonderful dancer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
#3 Please bang those pointe shoes!!!
She is a wonderful dancer. But if one is going to play a character in a variation, it needs to follow through the entire time. She really needs to quiet down her pointe shoes, or learn to use them correctly. I have rarely seen anyone "winding" up for pirouettes in the past 30 years. She does the pirouette to seconde beautifully in the first section, it should have been left at that, and not repeated, esp. with her clapping for herself! She looks to have a very promising career in ballet.
#2 Wow
Talk about mastering the basics. and using them to make you look super gracefull.. Pretty turnout and turns... kktt34
#1 Elegant
This was wonderful. I loved her turns. All in all she was graceful!
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