Aimee dancing to Chasing Cars at a local competition.

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: dance, performance, contemporary
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Overall rating: 3.9
Votes: 19
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#7 nice
this dance was so good u are amazin keep up the good work
#6 this is great
this is so pretty ur amazing :)
#5 great!!
You are great! no kidding. i like the fact that although you are talented, your performance isn't just a string of tricks you are good at. its refreashing to actually watch good dance. :)
#4 Great job!
you did a great job! Oh i love that song! But i like the other version were when the guy and the girl sing together better.
#3 !!!
maybe its choreographed to be a high v... maybe... anyways awesome job! i really liked it!!! ~Kassandre Renee

#2 Cool
pretty cool i love your technique but just watch your hands when you do your leap because you're kinda doing them in a high v but everything is cool
#1 Great
You did really good! Congrats to your cheographer
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