I Will Love You

Dancer: Alicia Clifton, Age 16 Contemporary Solo choreographed by Emily C. Shock Song: I will love you, Fisher

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Event: 2009 Dance Spirit Cover Model Search
Category: Performance
Keywords: alicia clifton applause studios emily shock
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Overall rating: 4.4
Votes: 146
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#71 Beautiful
Very different, in a good way, creative abstract and modern all at once, loved it :)
#70 i will love you
everything about that was beautiful; dancer, choreo, and costume. i enjoyed that so much
#69 I will love you (solo)
To Emily this was a BEAUTIFUL solo. To the people that don't understand and don't like this solo you may want to read to the right of the video IT READS:(contemporary solo). If you have never dance contemporary then you will not like it or understand the meaning of contemporary.
#68 To Sorry
Sorry you felt obligated to make such a comment. The choreography is unique and fresh, and the dancer is phenomenal. Have you ever considered the difficulty of accomplishing so many pirouettes while having material wrapping around your legs? I think not! No offense.
#67 sorry
sorry you had to dance this... its kinda weird no offense

#66 cool!!!!!!!!!!!
ur ere good!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!~
#65 Blew Me Away!
I was absolutely mesmerized by this performance. Pirouettes were incredible and the control in unbelievable! I bet we'll be seeing a lot of you in the future.
#64 Beautiful!
Wow! You make turns look so easy! You land them so perfectly! Awesome, Good luck!
#63 amazing
um... sorry:( wrong comment on wrong dance. had to screens open at a time. your truley amazing.
#62 soda
i thought this was stupid i had to turn it off

#61 wow wow wow
this dance was amazing. i could watch it over and over again. the use of the costume was so creative, and the dancing was perfection. this is just amazing.
#60 OMG
i love your costume i loved your dance to
that was INTENSE..haha good job tigger
#58 wowzers!
i enjoyed watching this :) great job :D
#57 wow alicia
Best of luck to you! This was nearly flawless in my book.

#56 Lovely
Beautiful dancer, great choreography. I wasn't sure what the long train was all about (security blanket?), but it worked in some parts. It could have been just as good without that train. But overall, really beautiful.
#55 good
this dance is amazing you are truly an amazing dancer. this dance is just breath taking. just work
#54 Great Job...
Great job, as always beautiful girl!
#53 amazing.
i thoroughly enjoyed it. it was so passionate. the choreography was great and the way she performed it was magnificent.
#52 Alicia,
you're so good. you'll win for sure! Hope to see you sometime soon. -Miles

#51 So GREAT!
Love it! Great concept. One of my favorite ever!
#50 hell yeah!
you are amazing :)
#49 5*5*5*5*
Unbelievable.. ECS is a trendsetter when it comes to choreography - even though I'm sure Alicia puts her one spin on it. What a great team! cool costume.
#48 A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.
Alicia + Emily = perfection. Many find insperation from Emily's choreography.... I could watch this over and over again. Beatiful job!
#47 um
needs better choreography and some work. a little to recital

#46 sweetness
I love the idea and your technique is really good.
#45 WOW!!
That was beautiful and I loved every minute of it. You are a great dancer and I loved the costume, music, and choreography. I could tell u felt the music!
#44 :)
#43 Good Luck
Alicia I wish you the best... you are such a beautiful dancer.
#42 Magnifique!
Félicitations, Alicia! Tu danses très bien. J'epère que tu gagneras! ~Madame

#41 I will love you
Simply amazing!!!!
#40 I will Love You
Outstanding, original, beautifully done! Was so nice to watch! Excellent job, Alicia! Congratulations on winning Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen!
#39 Dynamic
Dynamic Dancer and Choreographer! I love this piece - so creative. Strong symbolism and deep emotion. It takes an extremely versatile and talented dancer to get across the full effect of this choreography. Keep it up - hope to see more from you two!
#38 yes... please ignore the inappropriate c
They are all obviously jealous of you. They know that you are amazing and they just want to bring you down because they know that they will never be as amazing as you!!! Also congrats on winning Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen!!!!!!!!!!
#37 Ignore (con't)
As far as the choreography is concerned, it is fresh, creative, imaginative, and frankly-quite stunning. Neither you nor the choreographer has anything to prove to anyone. Both of you are obviously gifted in your own right, and I hope that you will continue to dance, choreograph and post.

#36 Ignore the classless comments
Alicia-I hope that you will not pay any attention to those comments that say "boring", "gay", "ugly" because these are the type of comments made by those whose lives are so miserable they can only make themselves feel good by trying to tear others down. Tapper2 refers to him/herself as a "coreographer/teacher" but goes on to call your pirouettes "spins" and doesn't even know how to spell "choreographer". What does that tell you? You are one of the most beautiful dancers I have ever watched.
#35 commetning continued
So.. as the choreographer of this piece, its not that I don't appreciate views, comments, feedback, whatever. thats not it. but the best thing a dancer can do is share what they do. That way, we can all get a larger view of all the things dance can be. I think it would be a better way of contributing to the art of dance. So.. comment and notice, like or dislike BUT share your stuff too. And, do your part to make sure dancers feel safe in posting their work here by commenting respectfully.
#34 commenting
The only thing that bothers me about the insensitive comments, like the comments that say "boring and gay"... is that it may deter others from posting their videos to share with everyone. dance has to be something different to everyone, i think. its so personal and unique. So, my vision and story is different from your vision and story, I hope. that is what makes you interesting to me because I don't know your story. So, we need to be more welcoming when choreographers make decisions that we would never make.
#33 p.s.
the people who are completely dissing u are just jealous. ignore them. my mom and i love u.
#32 awesome!!!!!
wow! this was very empowering and i really enjoyed it. I got the fact that she was loving the skirt, but the skirt may have representd someone, or something. the only thing that i didnt like was the fact that her dance was move,move,move, then turn 20 times over and over. her turns are amazing, but just 2 or 3 turns would have made a more powerful effect. amazing though!!!!!!!!! i really loved it! keep up ur good & hard work!!! =D

#31 Words can't describe...
That was a beautiful dance. Your dance was one of the few that has so much meaning it finds a way into your heart and expresses so much emotion. Your talent truly touches all.
#30 Awesome
Please don't pay attention to the comments at the very top of the page,(the mean ones) you have a gift, and i thought your coreography was cool, i think the skirt added symbolism and affect! thanks!
#29 I think
your skirt is ugly. i like the music, but that's it. but the dance is stupid.
This is the most boring "dance" video ever. I'm sorry but you were not good. The skirt thing was stupid and you were horrible. I'm sorry but I was not feeling it.
#27 Beautiful Spins.....
Wow, you have lots of fans, people who know you votin' for you. You have beautiful spins, that's what I took away from this piece. The fabric/costume was too busy & confusing.Simple song, simple costume.The running @ beginning & in middle was awkward.I wish the coreography flowed more then the 'jerky' motions, but that's my opinion as a coreographer/teacher. All in all, you are a beautiful dancer.

#26 BreathTaking
Alicia, you have an incredible gift! I hope you realize this gift is not just for you, but for the entire world-share it whenever and wherever possible. Thanks for being an inspiration to so many other dancers. Good luck in this contest, and good luck next week in the Oklahoma pageant! You certainly deserve any award you achieve!
#25 :)
i love the use of the train on the costume - so creative! and your turns are amazing!
#24 wow
This is amazing!
#23 Alicia ROCKS!
You do ROCK, Alicia! Good luck in this contest and good luck at Miss Oklahoma's Outstanding Teen on June 7th. You have everything it takes, now go and show them! You are a very special young lady and please know you are loved. A Big Fan, Linda Sander
#22 I will Love You
You take my breath away and I am mezmerized with your dance! I've watched you perform in person as well, and you possess such passion and emotion that it draws me in every time. Good luck with this cover and with Oklahoma's Miss Outstanding Teen Pageant. You deserve the cover of this magazine because I've never seen a more accomplished, articulate dancer at your age. Awesome dance!

#21 wow!!!
your moves, your turns, your emotions.... you are an incredible dancer and I hope you win!!!
#20 I will Love You
Amazing is the one word that describes this dancer. She is breathtaking and is choreographed to perfection!
#19 Beautiful
As always Alica... beautiful dancer!
#18 I will love you
I never grow tired of watching this video, truly amazing.
#17 i will love you
You need to send me that picture! "i will love you" haha

#16 i will love you
Amazing! Alicia is amazing
#15 I will love you
I can watch this dance all day long.
#14 I will love you
Wow. amazing Alicia really... With Emily's Choreography and your beautiful dancing, you two really are the perfect pair. breathtaking... thats the only way to really describe what i just saw on my computer screen.
#13 Breathtaking!
You have a very bright future ahead of you!
#12 I Will Love You
Knowing how difficult it is to create choreography that evokes passion and compassion, Emily's work is highly original and Alicia's performance outstanding. Two thumbs UP!!! Keep raising the bar for excellence in the art of contemporary dance Ladies!

#11 I will love you
So beautiful! So perfect! You bring tears to my eyes and chills up my spine! lhughes
#10 I Will Love You
Lot of hardwork. Good Luck!
#9 I will love you
Best performance ever! Great coreography! So much emotion! Alicia, I am honored to see you progress in your dance over the years! You and your mom should be proud! Lisa
#8 I will love you
Piece of art in motion
#7 I will love you
Absolutely beautiful dance. Great Job !!!

#6 .
Such beautiful dancing make me feel inspired
#5 honesty
thank you for dancing with such truth. beautiful. i hope that you know how lovely you are. good luck.
#4 T 2 the errific
thats almost as good as when i used to dance miss TIGER! totally jk
#3 BEAUTIFUL! are amazing! takes my breath away! i love the way you love your dance! you are such an inspiration! luvs!
#2 i will love you
emily has out done herself

#1 I will Love You
Incredible emotion and unbelievable control. Impeccable pirouettes. It must have taken a lot of practice to work with the fabric. Super Job!!
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