My Triple!

This was a triple i got on pointe a couple of weeks ago!!

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#10 Wishing
I wish i could do that!! I Can only do a double on jazz shoes!!!
#9 How Cute
Why is it that when one does finally do a great turn, no one is watching? I love that your turn was caught on tape. It rocks! I agree with the comment about bringing the retire higher. Never the less, your expression and turns are so delightful that I have to watch this video at least twice a week. Keep up the good work.
#8 Great Job!!
That was very nice!!! ***loved your face at the end!! :)***
#7 sorry!
this is tippytoes again, im sorry i thought u meant u just got on pointe! sooo sry, thoose were really g8!
#6 early
you just got on pointe a couple of weeks ago? are u really that strong?

#5 I wish I could do that
Like everyone else said, you should bring your foot higher. It would be perfect if it were above the knee. It was gorgeous though. I applaud you.
#4 triple
this was really well but liek they said before, if you bring your reitre higher and you really turn out then you liek dont need any force and you can go around faster,
#3 WOW
i wish i could do that! priceless face! to everyone that says to bring her leg higher, yea she should but do you know how hard that is to do in the first place?! i'm praoud of you even though i dont know you :P <3
#2 Triple
This is very nice as darkangel91 said bring your retire higher.
#1 your triple
looks really good bring your leg to retire higher though, it'd look prettier. I love your face when u finish, you were so surprised!
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