Fierce Fouettes

Katie Williams from American Ballet Theatre Studio Company demonstrates a variation of Italian fouettés. For more on this complicated step, read the April 2007 issue of Dance Spirit.

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Those were beautiful!!! Great job!
#9 gorgeous!
you appear super strong and do these with such ease! great job!
#8 idance5678...
those WERE fouettes idance5678! the are called ITALIAN fouettes. have you ever seen the swanhilda solo in coppelia? its full of them! good job kate!
#7 juusttt
WOW THATS GORGEOUS!!! BUT,,,, i thought you were gona show us fouttes!
#6 great control
you have so much control over every part of your body. you never lost control and you made it look so graceful and easy.

#5 very nice.
very pretty. the only thing that bothered me is that you keot moving back and forth. but other than that they were so pretty! :)
#4 Pretty!
Those were so beautiful!
amazing extension!!
#2 just
beautiful. i would love to come and see a show with you being in it. that was jsut beautiful very very nice extensions. very nice! Keep dancing.
#1 beautiful!
i love your extension! you have very long legs and arms. I would love to see you dance on stage!
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