Jessica Beswick Sugar Plum Lecture Demo

While driving to a Lecture Demo an hour away. my teacher Ella Dunn called to say I had to replace her in a Pas de deux and perform a Sugar Plum Fairy variation that she knew I had learned three years ago from Melanie Brossiet. I did a run-through and then performed on carpeting to the delight of all the children even without a "crown".

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Overall rating: 4.7
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#3 Excellent Great job!!
Your are an incredible dancer. I loved it, your an excellent dancer. keep up the good work.
#2 Wonderful!
That was very, very good!! Especially since you were dancing on carpet, you didn't look like you slipped once!! You're a very nice dancer.
#1 Very Pretty!
You are an excellent dancer! This is very impressive, especially since you are dancing on carpet! I'm sure that the children absolutely loved it!
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