Hi, We are Robert Duran and Brooke Averi. Our unique relationship began as teacher and student when Brooke was just 2 years old. 23 years later, co-choreographing comes naturally to us and we truly finish each others sentences. We hope you enjoy our piece as much as we loved creating it together. An introspective look at the "Pressure" women have of measuring up. This could include beauty standards, family dynamics, social interaction, work place performance, romantic relationships and more. We chose the 1950s time period reflecting an era when women didn't have a voice had to be collected and "perfect". Unfortunately, every day this piece seems to become more relevant to what's happening to women today.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2019
Category: Performance
Keywords: Pressure Women 1950s Robert Duran Brooke Averi
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