Knowing you have to let someone close go can be difficult, but once you come to peace with it, the feeling of liberation brings joy and a sense of progression. Videographer: Adam Agostino Dancers: Londyn Alexander Tea Devereaux Nina Gumbs Rachel Harris Camryn Pearson Jordan Powell Christian Smith Rae Srivastava Jakevis Thomason Adam Vesperman Wyeth Walker

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award CompetitionOLD
Category: General
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 48
240 points


#22 yes!
#21 Free
Beautifully conceived and executed! Kudos!
#20 WOW!
So visually pleasing and engaging to watch! Easy, but intricate storyline to follow and musicality was resourcefully used well. Love!
#19 Free
Exceptional choreography remarkably executed....loved this ~ such truth in the music and was totally conveyed in the dance! Love it.
#18 love this
Marvelous, Marvelous

#17 Free
This is great!!
#16 Free
#15 Get it Munchkin
This dance is so amazing! Love it!
#14 Free
That was awesome
#13 FREE
Beautiful piece! Love it!!!

#12 Wow Amazing!!
Amazing!! Love this! Keep up the good work!!
#11 love it!
love this piece!
#10 Spectacular
Amazing! love it!
#9 Amazing
Love it
#8 #1 FREE
Amazing! Loved it.

#7 Love this piece!
Absolutely amazing!
#6 Free
#5 Amazing!
Beautifully done
#4 Amazing!
Outstandingly unique and exceptionally executed!!
#3 Spectacular
Absolutely amazing!

love this piece!
#1 Free
Love, love, love!
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