“Don’t Hide, Seek”

The world today is a scary place. Everyday we see images of a new disaster that rocks us to our very core, yet we seem paralyzed to take the necessary action to resolve it. The next generation is continually looking out for guidance, stability, and security, yet we keep running away from the actual ways to make that future a possibility for them. We can no longer hide from the issues that greatly affect us each day, but we need to seek answers and solutions that will create actual, and necessary, change. Thank you to these incredible artists who committed to this story and this piece with their whole hearts. You truly inspire me each and everyday. Dancers: Madison Black Natasha Camacho Talis Devenish Katie Harness Lauren Harness Camille Spence Katelyn Vivian Videographer: Jordan Button Choreographer: Emily Brown Music: “Hide and Seek”- Imogen Heap

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award CompetitionOLD
Category: General
Keywords: EmilyBrown contemporary DontHideSeek
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