7 Gals, for Themselves

I believe in the innate strength brought about by 7 ladies dancing as fast and furiously as possible, all the while performing with unbridled joy and excitement. As women in musical theater, we rarely get to show off our true technical potential, so I would literally "jump" at the chance to showcase leaps and turns galore. I'm also a big advocate of re-invigorating interest in classic musical theater, when tunes were propulsive and dance was king. I'd love to harken back to that time, infusing my own creativity and flair and to reiterate, highlighting how powerful women can be. Please note, the link included is a rehearsal for a performance we had for the Steps Beyond Foundation that evening. Once attaining footage from the show itself, I'd be happy to forward, as it shows the piece performed professionally.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2019
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Keywords: Jazz, Musical Theater, 7 Gals for Themselves
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