"There Will Be Time" by Matthew Fata

Change is inevitable, every decision we make effects the course of our life completely. But how do we make a change that will effect hundreds, thousands and even millions for the better? Simple, we be the first. The first to stand up for what we believe in, the first to fight when things get hard and the last to give up when the odds are against us. Either we choose to follow or stand up and make a difference, choose wisely. // Choreographed By: Matthew Fata // Song: There Will Be Time by Mumford And Sons & Baaba Maal // Dancers: Hailey Hoffman, Jordan Salisbury, Taylor Shultz, Katie Hazard, Cameron Wille, Ian Chubb, Jillian Teskey, Sadie Posey, Kailyn Rogers // Filmed & Edited By: Nik Gravelle (Muse Dance Media) // Location: IAF Compound

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award CompetitionOLD
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Keywords: Matthew Fata dance choreography there will be time contemporary
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 27
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#28 13/10
Beautiful work MATTHEW and dancers!!! I can't wait to see your work on stage this year! Congrats on another epic piece! Proud of you!
#26 AHHH
so so incredibly beautiful
#25 Brilliant!
What an amazing piece of choreography! A combination of inspiration, technique, brilliance, an an overall wow factor!
#24 Absolute beauty
It's amazing from beginning to end

#23 Yay!
Love love love this! Go Matt!
#21 Matt
Such beautiful choreography, dancing, and humans!
#20 Matt Fata
Wow!! Your choreography blows me away every time I watch!!!
#19 Amazing
This was just incredible to watch. Thanks for sharing your gifts.

#18 Amazing
Awesome performance once again Matt you outdid yourself so expressive of the song. WOW
#17 Wow!
So beautiful Matt!
#16 Yeeeesss!
Absolutely STUNNING! So so good!
#15 Amazing
Amazing dancers. Amazing song. Amazing choreography!
#14 Flawless!!
The musicality, the dynamics, the absolutely everything about this piece makes my heart so happy! Absolutely amazing! Matthew Fata you have done it again!!

#13 Classic Matt choreography
It’s so good Matt. So glad you are on this earth.
#12 Brilliant
From beginning to end !! Wow
#11 A movement genius!
Matthew just "gets it" every time! He sparks a feeling in us we all can relate to. We love you Matthew!
#10 Matthew
Incredible <3
#9 Brilliant
So incredible. Chills and tears. Can’t stop watching!!

Matthew’s vision for the piece is so raw and real. The choreography is inspired and full of surprises. His use of musicality, texture, partnering, and emotion is quite beautiful. Much love and appreciation for this. Congratulations to all involved!
#7 Brilliant & Beautiful!!!!
Just amazing!
#6 Amazinng
This had such smart choreography and beautiful movements. It was breathtaking.
#5 WOW
This choreography is GENIUS!!!! Love it Matt!!!
#4 Matthew
Wow, this gave me goosebumps! Love this song, love these dancers, love this choreo and choreographer!!!!!

#3 Matt
So amazing! Creative and stunning!
#2 2
#1 Incredible
Matthew's choreography is breathtaking! Absolutely incredible. Such an inspiration. WOW! Loved every second of this piece and the dancers are amazing! Bravo to everyone involved!
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