Do or Die, Now or Never

‘Do or Die, Now or Never’ is a poetic journey into the world of a black male ballet performer, who’s been dancing all his life. The man in focus is Jazmon Voss, a 27 year old, who started ballet from a very young age where he was put up with long hours of training and was introduced to the manic and often unfair world of ballet. The film gives an exclusive insight to Jazmon’s childhood and his struggles within the competitive world of professional ballet. We get to experience the strong mindset behind the man who wants to belong on the stage forever. Jazmon’s life story has been unsteady and filled with difficult decisions, nevertheless it has always been accompanied with great integrity. The film reveals the deeply inspiring nature of Jazmon and his devotedness to ballet. The film can be summed up with his own words: ‘’do or die, now or never’’.

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