YOUR LIFE- Choreography by Jacob Gutiérrez-Montoya This piece was created to inspire conversation about gender and identity. I think its safe to say many people struggle with who they are on many levels at different points of their life. This piece paired with the lyrics, “You don’t want a soft death, you want a hard life, that is your life,” will hopefully allow people to celebrate who they are at this moment and continue on the journey that is all theirs. The movement was designed to enforce the imagery that is already built with such clarity through the lyrics of the spoken word poem. Its important to me that my work has a point of view that helps educate and expand societal perspectives. Jacob is currently the Artistic Director for Sacramento Contemporary Dance Theatre and Hawkins School of Performing Arts in Folsom CA.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
Category: Performance
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#2 Your Life
Amazing dance!
#1 Stunning!
So moving. continue to use art to shine a light on issues that matter!
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