This piece is about deceit in relationships. The dancers are connected to one another the entire piece symbolizing the connection one has in a relationship. Throughout the piece one dancer shows multiple signs of their unfaithfulness or deceit to the others and by the end of the piece that dancer is found and the ties are broken. This piece was inspired through watching in amazement as my dancers did a contact improv exercise. I was so mesmerized by the shapes and pictures they created that I decided to do a piece based on contact improv. I love the idea of dances with no labels and did not want this piece to fall into a genre category of hip hop or contemporary but rather fit into both and into neither simultaneously. I believe that by knocking down these genre labels we are able to be more free with our creative expression as choreographers. This piece is still in need of refinement and editing (as every piece always is). I hope that it's potential shines through and that I am able to take it to the next level at the ACE Awards!

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