Another Hundred People

Song: Another Hundred People Genre: Musical Theatre This piece was workshopped with six dancers and one choreographer in one hours time. The bones of the piece have been laid out in this video. Props mimed- cell phones

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
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#2 Thank you @mgizzle1
Sending you a genuine "thank you" for your feedback! The belly rub is a bit of fun on how "friends of friends" tend to touch pregnant ladies' bellies without permission. Counting was due to the music being too soft for the dancers to hear off stage. Video is unedited so the viewer may appreciate the rehearsal value of the performance & not take it as the final product of the piece. We had an hour to work & then were stuck in an elevator for 30 minutes before a one take film. It was a blast!
#1 great piece needs work
My confusion comes from when the dancer rubbed the pregnant ladies belly. That element was a little strange. Lastly the need to count out loud definitely took away from the immersive qualities the dancers possessed
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