Taking inspiration from greek mythology and from both the sirens and the mermaid's myth I decided to create two parts to this piece. The beautiful and the ugly. Once again this choreography was created from structures choreographed to no specific songs. I adapted the musicality to each song and this time also included live cues given by the dancers on stage. Try to see who's leading the pack, sometimes by a clap, stomp of a foot or a scream. The dancers were free to play with timing and facing. I decided to not set formations and let the dancers be free to explore the stage in their characters. I said to them "don't do the movement like you think a mermaid would do. Be the mermaid, and then move." Dancers: Anna Hicks, Collin Lawrence, Devon Moore, Frank Soares, Jamie Fitzgerald, Sam McReynolds, Steph Gevone Heckert, Timothy Lewis, Victoria Pizzo. Music: Candle in the Night by Elena Voroniouk and Hot Boxing the Cockpit by Shlohmo. Videography and Editing: Brazil @brazilinspires

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
Category: Performance
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