This piece is about deceit in a relationship. The dancers stay connected the entire piece to symbolize the connection one has in a relationship. The song talks about being loyal to that other person but questions whether the other person is being true themselves. Throughout the piece one dancer shows hints of unfaithfulness in the relationship and by the end the others discover who this person is and break all ties both symbolically and physically. This piece was inspired by watching my dancers contact improv in class. I was in awe of the shapes they created by being forced to stay connected the entire exercise. I am in love with the idea of just dancing and not being bound by genres and titles and so I did not focus on making the dance either contemporary or hip hop but instead a combination thereof. The dance is in continuous need of refinement and cleaning but holds a ton of potential. I hope that this potential is received and that it may be seen at the 2018 A.C.E. Awards. Thank you!

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
Category: General
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