Lay Your Head Down

This piece is about giving yourself permission to be weak. The expectation of perfection and success we sometimes put on ourselves can shadow the honest beauty within us. While these pieces may be raw, they are worth celebrating and nurturing, and sometimes we need a reminder to do so.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
Category: Modern
Keywords: Contemporary Spokenword Choreography
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 36
180 points


#24 Lay Your Head Down
Beautiful piece!!
#23 Amazing!
Such creative choreography and beautiful dancing. Excellent work!
#22 Lay Your Head Down
Unique and stunning. Love this!
#21 Lay Your Head Down
Wow.... Thought-provoking and beautiful.
LOVELY and moving and raw, this is the best.

#19 Lay your head down
Absolutely breathtaking!
#18 Lay Your Head Down
Amazing and moving dance. We all need to remind ourselves to "mess up" sometimes. It's OK...it's how we learn and grow.
#17 Lay Your Head Down
Amazingly moving and evocative! Bravo! Wishing you luck and a win!
#16 Lay your head down
Such an engaging and emotional piece! Brilliant choreography!
#15 Lay Your Head Down
Wanted it to keep going! Beautiful!

#14 Beautiful Choreography
and beautiful story. Gives me chills!
#13 Lay Your Head Down
by Sylvia. Very moving piece. I love the message.
#12 Spoke to me!
I thought the message, music and performance was fantastic! I think people of all ages should see this! Xoxo Toni Jennings
#11 Lay your Head Down
Beautiful performance, Elena and all the dancers. This piece is beyond words. Amazing!!
#10 Lay Your Head Down
Fantastic dance married to music, allowing our youth to express emotions and feel. I experienced feelings while watching. Thank you!!!

#9 Beautifully done
This issimply outstanding
#8 Creative
Absolutely remarkable! Your so creative!
#7 Incredible!
Such pictures you paint!
#6 Best dance everr
Incredible choreography!!!
#5 Incredibly moving piece!
This is amazing! đź’—

#4 Lay your head down
I love this piece so much! I can’t stop watching it! Beyond words!!
#3 Lay Your Head Down
You are amazing Britt!! This is beautiful
#2 Lay your Head Down
Incredibly moving piece
#1 raw dance
beautiful choreography
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