Alarippu Reinvented

Alarippu Reinvented adds a rhythmic twist to a traditional dance. Watch as eastern and western rhythms come together in this fresh collaboration. CHOREOGRAPHY: Vikas Arun and Ramita Ravi BHARATANATYAM DANCERS: Maya Chandrasekaran, Devika Gadhavi, Ramita Ravi TAP DANCERS: Vikas Arun, Rebecca Cannaday, Maddie Murphy VIDEOGRAPHY: Kevin Chiu MUSIC: IndianRaga Ramita Ravi (UPenn ‘17) and Vikas Arun (Columbia ‘17) are first generation Indian American artists who met through So You Think You Can Dance and collaborate on artwork that explores the intersection of Indian and American culture.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2018
Category: Tap
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