Love Lockedown

Hi! So I originally choreographed this piece as a live stage performance and decided to turn it into a concept video. This video is a little abstract and can be interpreted in many ways. My intention was to show the give and take of relationships and the inability to predict the outcome of any human connection. Let me know what you think:)

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 16
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#8 Amazing
WOWWW Great job Victoria!!!
#7 Amazing
WOWWW Great job Victoria!!!
#6 Unique and Dynamic
Victoria is one of the most musically driven, intelligent choreographers. Her ability to abstract movement into something understandable is incredible. She is undoubtedly AMAZING!
#5 Genius
Everything about this is genius. The movement. The transitions. The musicality. The presentation. Kanye would be proud ;)
#4 Amazing Talent!
Victoria has such an amazing talent. She brings out such a wide range movement and emotion in the pieces she creates!👏👏👏

#3 Love Lockedown
Fabulous, Victoria!!
#2 Stunning!
Stunning piece of work Victoria!
#1 Smart Choreographer
Pizzo’s simple yet intricate approach to choreography is what makes her so great! Audiences love seeing how the dancers are relating their movement to the music and that is exactly what she makes happen.
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