"Collision" by Matthew Fata

Our life is a series of events that are guided by the decisions we make. Every decision has the power to change the path of our life, as well as the people around us instantly. A simple choice can lead us to happiness or down a road of destruction, choose wisely. // Choreographed By: Matthew Fata // Song: Collision by Hayden Calnin // Dancers: Hailey Hoffman, Jordan Salisbury, Taylor Shultz, Katie Hazard, Cameron Wille, Ian Chubb, Jillian Teskey, Sadie Posey, Kailyn Rogers, Brenna Brockert, Erica Grabowski & Terin Christopher // Filmed & Edited By: Nik Gravelle (Muse Dance Media) // Location: IAF Compound

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 48
240 points


#44 Inspiring
This dance is so inspiring. The music choice and choreography were perfect for this topic. This dance was completely and utterly perfect.
#43 amazing
so good. i love it
#42 amazing
I love it so much❤️❤️
#41 Stunning!!
Amazing choreography, concept and dancing!
#40 Love this choreography!
Love watching this amazing choreography unfold with such a talented, cohesive group of dances!

#39 LOVE
Amazing Matt! Go Baby Terin!!!! This is my pick for sure!
#38 Beautiful
This is beautiful!
#37 Sooo Good!!!
Absolutely love this piece!!
Love this so much, Matthew!
#35 Amazing
Sooo good, love this piece!

#34 Amazing dance!
This dance is so amazing! I love it!
#33 Wow
This is soo good!
#32 Collision
So beautiful!
#31 Collision - Breath taking
OMG where do I start. Brilliant choreography its a breath of fresh air. Love the dancers and their passion that they brought to this piece. The use of space, the way it was filmed and the partnering sections where amazing.
#30 Collision
Amazing choreography and dancers!

#29 Simply beautiful
Lovely piece and beautifully danced! Well done!!
#28 Love it
Ugh I just absolutely love this
#27 <3 This!!
Absolutely beautiful! Another amazing piece by Matt!! x
#26 Awesome!!
Love this!!! Go Karbow fam!!! ❤️❤️💥
#25 incredible
so beautiful!

#24 Mathew video
Love this. And love watching Cameron dance. So proud
#23 Love
This was so amazing! Great work!
#22 Soooooo good!
Such a great piece Matthew! I'm so happy that my daughter is lucky enough to get to dance with such an amazing group of humans!
#21 Amazing
Truly amazing!!! The choreography and dancers tell a wonderful story!!! Matthew, you never cease to amaze me!!!
I am absolutely blown away by the musicality and movement quality! so so so amazing!

#19 Amazing 😍
Beautiful! Absolutely love Matthew Fata’s choreography!
#18 Wow!!
I am in love with the movement!! Amazing choreography!!
#17 Collision
All around wonderful performance!!❤️❤️
#16 Incredible
Absolutely beautiful!!!
#15 LOVE

#14 WOW
Beautiful piece! I can’t stop watching!
#13 Beautiful
Amazing Piece! Love the music choice, beautiful choreography and dancers!
#12 Beautiful!!
So moving and inspirational! Loved it!
#11 Awesome dancing !
So amazing!!!
#10 Amazing
So good!!!

#9 Love
#8 Amazing
This piece is truly exceptional!
#7 Inspirational
This is such a beautiful group of dancers, always delivering a powerful message. Matthews choreography showcases the diversity of the group and distinguishes each dancers unique personality while conveying his message and entertaining the audience.
#6 Speechless
This was truly amazing
#5 Collision - Beautiful1
Love this piece - inspiring, artistic, graceful and physical storytelling.

#4 The movement
I am so inspired by the movement in this piece! Amazing choreography!
#3 Amazing
Beautiful choreography, dancers, space, and film!
#2 This Piece!!
I love it! This group of people inspire me so much!! Go guys!
#1 Love
Love this piece!
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