White Satin Dance by Blake Washington

Blake Washington is an award winning hip hop and popping animation dancer and choreographer from Madison Wisconsin. He has been featured in commercials, and has choreographed music videos. This project was directed and filmed by Black Market Dance and Film. A film company based out of Milwaukee Wisconsin that specializes in cinematic aesthetics for dance makeup and sound. White Satin showcases the flow and continuation of movement through popping animation. Blake Washington expresses the beauty of musicality and flow through a visceral solo. Song: White Satin by Zeds Dead

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Overall rating: 5.0
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#12 Awesome
The moves are awesome. This is skilled dancing. Keep up the good work friend!
#11 I see you
Good job hittin those beats bro. Keep up the good work man.
#10 Stellar Work
As always.
#9 Lit my dude
Keep it up bro! You got some sick moves my dude
#8 Awesome
Looks awesome my dude

I just want to comment back and say thank you to everyone that commented and for those that took the time to vote for me. Thank you for being supportive every time someone votes on my video or comments I feel the fire in me to keep dancing! Thank you!
#6 Dope
It’s a decent video ain’t seen good dancing like this since usher nice work
#5 Nice!
Agree with the comment below, keep up the good work! Really nice choreography.
#4 Cousin
Keep it up family love all the way from philly
#3 I’m in Awe
All I can say is “WOW”!!!

#2 Beautiful
This is fire.
#1 Amazing
Dude this is an amazing video. He knows what he's doing!
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