What Would You Do?

This piece is supposed to represent the feeling of being disconnected from reality, a state of psychosis if you will. A constant battle of being the hunted and the hunter all at once. The mind never stops and you are left with a facade of blankness. What would you do? Succumb to your thoughts and become the prey, or resist and fight to become the predator?

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#8 What would you do?
Another awesome piece by an incredible artist!
#7 Amazing
You’re so talented Mr. Russell
#6 He’s absolutely the best!
He is one of the best teachers I have worked with for the past 26 years I have been living. It is such a privilege to have gotten to work with such a goddess! Thank you Russell!
#5 What would you do?
Love it!!!
#4 Russdance
Russell's choreographed pieces are intriguing, haunting, and beautifully executed.

#3 Yeah
#2 This better win
We did good
#1 Amazing Video
Your creativity and message are amazing. Good Luck!!!
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