Brian Hooper 15yrs old.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 9
45 points


#9 Winner
This one is great!
#8 Work Zone
The amount of sacrifice is shown to be this good. Keep going!
#7 On Fire
Nice to see how well you represent males! Great choice.
#6 Future watch
I am so proud of this young man. His dedication to what he loves to do and his kind heart will take him far.
#5 Insanely good
Think you are so amazing and I think the world should know who you are ! ❤️👍🏻

#4 Super
Your so goooood ! Omg😍😊 I hope you win !!!!!
#3 Love this kid!
It’s not so often a person has known exactly what they want to do from the day they were born! Brian has never strayed from his passion! You are going to be a great force👍🏻
#2 So talented 😍
So I just watched this video and I’m blown away by the amount of power, energy and stage presence Brian has !
#1 Dedicated
You are such an amazing talent with so dedication! You have such great technique! ❤️ You deserve to win!!!!
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