Two friends with distinct personalities approach life differently; in this video, Bruno is the calm, patient lake to Natalia's competitive, driven nature. Dance is the medium that brings balance, reminding us all of the joy found in the simple moments. This is a site-specific piece, shot "guerrilla style" in Highland Park. The dancers and I were very careful to minimize intrusion with the residents and their adorable children while they enjoyed their day at the local park. Be sure to watch 'til the end for some outtakes. Thank you for watching! This piece is currently a finalist in the Mobile Motion Film Festival 2018. Screening June 9, 2018 in Zurich, Switzerland. #88 was also an Honorable Mention in the Dare to Dance in Public Film Festival. Choreography/Direction/Editing: Lilian Manansala Starring: Natalia Quintana-Reyna Bruno Koskoff @brunoilk Song: #88 Artist: Lo-Fang

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