Jessica Beswick Original Music Piece of Me

This spontaneous ballet piece contains little fun vignettes of me. I composed the original soundtrack in Garageband entitled "Piece of Me" to leave an impression of who I am personally as a dancer and to have a little fun with it! I would love to join a company (impressed with Houston Ballet's Stanton Welch) that could see my potential that I could develop as a dancer. My Dad always says he wishes that auditions could convey more about dancers as he has seen me perform Sugar Plum Fairy last minute my memory from over 3 years ago when someone was sick for a demonstration performance without getting nervous without a glitch!

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Overall rating: 4.2
Votes: 10
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#10 Great!
Wow this video is really amazing the only critique I have is you could work on your turnout. I only say this because I have the same problem, but other than that you are very talented and you pirrouetts and fouettes were amazing and your flexibility was excellent!
#9 Great Turns & Flexibility!!!!
You make your turns look so effortless & remain in one spot!! Love the contemporary twist to classical ballet. Hope you win for Best Video for 2009!!!!!!!!!!!!!
wow is all i can say.
#7 hmm
that looks alot like aria alexzander piece from anaheim ballet good just work on technique alittle
#6 Pretty good
You are a great dancer! Your fouettes are great and so are pirouettes. You need to arch your foot a little more when its in the back, and also force your turn out more. Overall very good.

#5 :-)
You sickle quite a bit, and there was a decidedly un-pretty moment when you stepped leading with heel. But your fouettes were seriously impressive! Very clean and consistent.
#4 pretty good ..
you are okai, i just think you could strengthen your turnout and your pointe work a little, softer shoes would help :)
#3 OMG
WOW love the pirouettes. I can only do 1 horrible pirouette on pointe. Love you extensions. Keep stretching
#2 Oh My Gosh!
You are amazing! i love how flexible you are, i wish i was that flexible. You are amazing! i love it!
#1 Wow!
You're really good!!!!!
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