Jessica Beswick Lilac Fairy Variations

Jessica Beswick, excerpts from Sleeping Beauty Lilac Fairy Variations. I was 17 at the time of this performance. We worked on this entire ballet for only 6-10 days with choreographer Coppelia Lopez. My longtime classical ballet master Jefferson Baum had moved away to Santa Fe School of Performing Arts during my Senior year of High School so this dance school was new to me. I was fortunate that Ms. Lopez had worked with Mr. Baum in the past and she is credited with working with all new students some with not much formal ballet training and she pulled this together in a short time.

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#4 Good
The lilac fairy was great but the other dancers had bad turnout and sometimes didn't hold their arms right. other than that the lilac fairy was awesome! :)
#3 wertyui
bad technique
#2 wow!
you are an amazing dancer! i wish i was you.
#1 JessaNicole
You have very good potential - nice lines and musicality!
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