How to Dance Your Way to Youth: Gila female dance troupe

If there is one thing that women around the world have in common it's worrying about growing old. But the women on this stage are breaking that stigma one dance move at a time. Called Gila, which means age, joy and discovery in Hebrew, this choreography encompasses dance, acting, video, music, humor and life stories to show audiences across Israel that growing old can also mean growing young. Choreographer Galit Liss, former manager of the Dance school at Beit Danny community center in Tel Aviv, created the show two years ago, after interviewing elderly women and discovering the beauty of old age. http://www.israel21c.net

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#3 =)
This makes me smile not only because of the dancing but because I'm jewish. I love seeing the dancing thats going on in Israel. I also love the joy that dancing brings to their faces.
#2 gila dance troupe
The comments by the dancers about their pride in their age and abilities were profound; the dancing was remarkably lyrical and the dancers "in step" with eachother. Well done. This video has my vote!
#1 gila's great
looks fun to grow old
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