Letter to My Future Daughter

This piece was choreographed by Natalie Lobo and written by Grace Heidtke both juniors at Carmel High school last spring. It was performed at the Carmel High School Spring dance concert on May 10th and 11th and received a standing ovation from the audience. The choreography and poem speak to women everywhere.

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#16 Letter to my future daughter
Through tears I am so proud of Grace and Natalie in sharing this powerful message. This video is not only for our daughters but our sons as well. Thank you Ms. Tarozzi for sharing this.
#15 Moving and Inspiring
Natalie Lobo and Grace Heidtkel and all the dancers created a moving and inspiring dance -- this was especially true for all of us fortunate enough to see it performed live.
#14 Self-love and acceptance
Inspiring! Thank you
#13 Letter to My Present Daughter
I already have a daughter, and I was deeply moved by this piece and wanted my daughter to see it. I love the way it incorporates the spoken word and graceful dance into a seamless work of art. Extremely moving and important work!
#12 A masterpiece
I am so impressed by the maturity of this piece and the powerful message it carries. It is a prime example of seamless artistic collaboration. There was not a dry eye in the house when I saw this piece. This deserves to go viral, it’s message being something that every person (female, male, young, old) should hear. Beautiful and moving!

#11 The video
When I first saw this I cried so thank you for the powerful words
#10 So glad I saw this live!
As a dad with two beautiful daughters, I was moved to tears by the beauty of this performance. All of us need to be more comfortable with ourselves, we are all beautiful! Our poor, weak eyes have problems seeing this.
#9 Amazing
Such beautiful choreography and emotion!
#8 Wonderful
So beautiful and powerful
#7 awesome!!!!!!!!
very original and impactful.

#6 slayn
this dance was very impactful and meaning for my heart and my soul thank you for this experience i think that this dance should be picked as the greatest dance of all time because it is so beautiful i am snatched
#5 Letter to My Future Daughter
Well done! Take a minute to watch this video
#4 very meaningful
very meaningful collaboration--loved it !
#3 Powerful performance
I was in the audience for this powerful performance and in awe of the vision, talent and wisdom expressed through the collaboration of these young women.
#2 The power of collaboration
I am very proud of both of these girls! Grace's powerful poem and amazing delivery on stage combined with Natalie Lobo's meaningful choreography put together a wonderful piece which brought tears to many people's eyes. Collaboration at it's best! -Kristine Tarozzi

#1 Inspirational
Dancing in this dance made me feel more confident in myself as a person and boosted my self esteem. Thank you Natalie Lobo and Grace Heidtke!
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