Hands Off

Growing up watching movies that showed if a guy wears you down with a dozen roses and sweet classroom notes you reward him with by going out with him. Even if you had absolutely zero interest in dating him to begin with. Existing in a world where women are tickled to have attentive stalkers rather than be seemingly unnoticed and catcalling is the norm. Living in a Country where the next President has been accused of laying his paws on women without their consent and has no problem telling men to grab our pussies and we'll do whatever they want. That's what inspired this work. Set to Childlish Gambino's "Me and Your Mama", Hands Off is a duet that shows a man trying to holla at a woman. But she "Aint No Holla Back Girl". He expresses his desires for her through inappropriate grops, unwelcomed gazes, and overtly aggressive stances. Meanwhile, she is clearly not interested at all. After what seems like an eternity in the land of Trump, to end the madness she takes one small action that speaks volumes.

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