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#7 thanks everyone
your input means a lot =]
#6 ehh.
just constructive criticism here but please please please HIGHER passes and more pointed toes. it seems like y'all didn't do it all full out. Spot on your turns too please.
#5 its ok
it could be better
#4 Ok but not mind blowing...
You guys need to have more emotion in your dancing feel the movements and dont stop! constructive criticism: take your dancing more seriously.... dont be un- smiley just get into it more but overall well done! :) keep it up ladies
#3 good
you guys did good, but it needs more personality

#2 I really like this
the girl in the white tank top is good...i like this..but i dont think as Cali_dancer said are dancing all out my teacher always tells me to keep pushing it to the next level
#1 pretty good
Y'all seem like your good but it didn't seem like all of you were dancing full out. My teachers always tell me to dance full out everytime even if something happens in the middle of the dance. Good job though!
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