In the darkness, tucked away from civilization, a tribe of people wanders around aimlessly, blind to the outside world. They awaken from their own hypnosis and join together to defy their circumstances.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 56
280 points


#33 Defiance
Stunning choreography! All together the lighting, the dancing, and the story are mesmerizing. Can't wait to see more from Mitchel.
#32 Defiance
Bravo, Mitchel!
#31 defiance
Everything about this video was done beautifully . The story was so clear and the choreography was amazing!
#30 Defiance
Brilliant. Intense. Dark and beautiful. Love, love, love
#29 Defiance
Absolutely love this! Great story and choreography!

#28 Defiance!
Another brilliant piece by Mitchel! The choreography Is captivating and the dancers are amazing! Beautiful work!!
#27 Defiance
Simply amazing!
#26 Dance
My daughter and I really enjoyed watching! Awesome job!
#25 Defiance!
Wonderful concept, choreography, and story-telling! Dancers were stunning. Great work everyone!
#24 Defiance
Simply amazing! Wow!!!

#23 Defiance
Simply STUNNING!!!
#22 Defiance
Beautiful movement and a great clear story!
#21 Defiance
Mitchel is a brilliant choreographer & this piece is amazing!!
#20 Defiance
Wow! Absolutely amazing!! Love everything about this!! I have watched it over and over again!! Perfectly done πŸ’™!!
#19 Defiance
Obsessed with this. My favorite submission video for ACE this year.

#18 Defiance
Absolutely captivating!!! I watched it three times! Great job everyone!
#17 Defiance
Absolutely Beautiful! Thank you for being such a great role model and inspiration to so many young dancers!
#16 Brilliant
Need to watch over and over! Brilliant choreography and the dancers are perfect! Wow and Wow!
#15 #Defiance
Wow!! Everything about this was incredible! Loved the story, the filming, the music, the dancers and the choreography was Amazing!!
#14 Defiance
Love the evolution of the story ... so clear and intense. The build in intensity and the finish were beautiful to watch! Great job Mitchel and dancers!

#13 Defiance
Great work and was a talent you are!
#12 Defiance
Mitchel Federan has been and always will be the hardest working choreographer on this planet πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ
#11 Defiance
Wow! Lovely piece of work!
#10 Defiance
Beautiful work! I loved it!
#9 Defiance!
Loved watching this piece! Mitchel's choreography really tells a story and highlights the dancers' strengths.

#8 Creative and amazingly captivating
Mitchel's amazing choreography at work in this video - So creative, different and captivating. Love it
#7 Mitchell
Mitchell is an excellent choreographer and dance instructor.
#6 Defiance!
This is beautiful!!! Mitchel is a so creative, talented, and such a kind and motivating teacher and role model. Congrats on this amazing piece!!
#5 Love love love!!!!!!
Have been a huge fan of mitchel's work for years!!! And it just keeps getting better!! ❀️❀️❀️
#4 Defiance
I always love watching Mitchel's choreography. Just beautiful and amazing!πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•πŸ’•

#3 Amanzing Concept and Talent!
Beautiful work Mitchel and dancers!!
#2 Defiance
Amazing choreography!!
#1 Defiance!
Truly shows the ability of a choreographer to tell a story through dance. Beautiful work, Mitchel!
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