"Unlock" by Andrea Ward

To create means to live in a spiritual realm and try to make sense of it in the material world. What is our reality? Is it the physical world around us, whose contours confine us within entrenched language and perception-- or, the world within our minds, that we manifest through our imaginations as a collective consciousness? "Unlock" is a work embodying the concept of humanity's infinite capacity for creative potential, and the need to realize the potential in order to transcend the structure in which we live. When our creativity is unlocking and spiraling out in abundance, how do we adapt our physical environment to facilitate our evolving inner reality? Choreography by Andrea Ward, Performed by Ryan Bailey, Rebecca Corrigan, Aaron Girard, Kaysen Holt, Maia Schechter, and Andrea Ward. Music by Toubab Krewe.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
Keywords: Unlock, Andrea Ward, Create, Evolve
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