All Through the Night

Human beings need to be allowed to feel. Feel happy, feel sad, feel joy, feel pain. It's easy to allow ourselves to feel the "high points" in life. They come with smiles, high fives, hugs and kind words. It is "comfortable" to celebrate with us in those times. What happens when we are faced with something that not only becomes a burden for us as an individual, but an "uncomfortable" reality for those around us? It's not unrealistic to say that we are generally encouraged by society "not to feel". "Smile, you'll be fine!"... "It will all work out!"..."Everything is going to be great!"... Constant mantras playing out in our heads. But then, sometimes, the "uncomfortable" situation becomes the reality and the constant. So we're placed in a predicament. Do you continue to ignore the issue or do you allow yourself to feel. And, if you are brave enough to feel, do you have the support system to take the journey with you? While it's easy to celebrate the "high points", believe it or not, it is human nature for those around us to promote the bravery associated with facing the "uncomfortable" situations with the same smiles, hugs, high fives and kinds words. This is a story about companionship. When dealt a card that would by all standards evoke the desire to give up or feel numb, it is the ability to come together in the darkest hours and face the issue head on. It is a reminder that allowing yourself to feel is ok because while it may seem you are facing life alone, those closest to you will band together. They will celebrate your bravery and stand by you all through the night. Because, until it ends, there is no end to the unconditional love and support from those who love you most.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: Performance
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