Cry For Me

There are plenty of things in life that aren’t within your control. You can’t control other people, or how the world around you operates. You can however, always choose your attitude. Choosing to go through life with a positive attitude and a desire to be a survivor rather than a victim is up to you. No matter how bad things are, you always have choices. You can choose to get back up when life pushes you down. Choose to not be a victim of circumstances. Don’t waste time wishing things were different or insisting that life isn’t fair. Life wasn’t meant to be fair. It was meant to be lived, no matter what circumstances you encounter. Make a conscious choice to live a life that’s worth living. Moving forward, no matter how slow, is always better than standing still. So forward we will move, together. Julie LaMancuso is a choreographer and teacher, originally from Buffalo, NY. Julie obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree from the University at Buffalo in Dance. Her choreography has been featured in collegiate level productions such as Dancer's Workshop, Emerging Choreographers Showcase, and Zodiaque Dance Ensemble. Julie's work was chosen to represent the University at Buffalo's Department of Dance at the American College Dance Festival at Penn State University. She has served at the Assistant to the Director for both of the university's resident dance companies, Zodiaque Dance Ensemble and Zodiaque Dance Company. Julie is the recipient of the Amanda Occhino Endowment Scholarship of the Arts, given annually to the dance major who shows the most dedication to the program of Theatre & Dance. She has also been commissioned several times to set work on dance majors at Fredonia State University. She has been the guest choreographer for In Good Company Productions, staging and choreographing High School Musical and Once On This Island. In the summer of 2011, Julie was named America's Young Choreographer of the Year at the American Dance Awards Nationals in Boston, MA. Julie is currently on faculty at the Art of Dance and EPIC Dance Company in New Jersey, and travels to set work at competitive studios all over Western New York. She currently judges for the American Dance Awards across the US and Canada, and has worked on staff with New York City Dance Alliance (NYCDA). She is on the Board of Directors of Dancers Give Back, a nation-wide non-profit initiative, and has taught workshop classes at Dancers Give Back: Ottawa. Julie's favorite part of traveling to teach and choreograph is that it gives her the opportunity to help students come to realize their full potential as dancers, artists, and people.

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