I do not own rights to music This piece I was fortunate to create and direct for Los Angeles' Choreographer's premier showcase CARNIVAL. Flume is a piece about self-love and acceptance. It's about connection and relationships within women. Being able to love and accept yourself for who you are before you enter a relationship with someone else. Women especially have a hard time with this and we are strong minded and emotionally deep. The piece shows these women not being able to self sustain a relationship with themselves and the people around them. Eventually they look within to find their love, beauty and confidence that they have and they are able to lift up those around them to become one strong female energy. The mirrors are used as self reflection. With the reflection of others in the mirror and in the audience, that represents the judgement of others that we see and in return look at ourselves. At the end the women don't need the mirrors because they have found their self love within.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: Modern
Keywords: #contemporary #flume #women
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 21
102 points


#12 Flume
The dancing is lovely, but what pulls me in is the composition of bodies in space. You can't look away, even for a second! It's lovely work!
#11 Brilliant Work
This choreographer is beyond amazing! From beginning to end this piece executed musicality, dynamic movement a strong story line and incredible transitions! Very strong Work.
#10 Great work
This is a great piece. I saw it live, the energy and performance was amazing. Everyone should experience it live
#9 nicely done
Good Job
Love this piece!

This choreographer knows what she is doing!!!! She has great use of music mixing her styles of concert and commercial dance. Her choreo is dynamic an exciting. She has great use of her space on the stage and knows how to use every inch of it! Beautiful piece!!!!!!
This is amazing! Alexis really pours her soul into her work!
#5 Touched Me !
This work took me on a powerful journey of discovery. I felt the message of strength and self awareness in the choreography from the chaos of the beginning to gradual enlightenment, as each dancer moved in harmony with every other dancer to become a fluid whole. I loved it !
#4 Great Piece!
Excellent choreography; unique and memorable!
In a world dominated by patriarchy and masculinity, this piece speaks words. Women have the capability to harness so much power so long as they are able to look within and stay true to themselves regardless of all the outside opinions that try to force women into boxes. What a powerful message to send young girls and women. Bravo!

#2 That was CRAZY!
This choreographer has lots of AMAZING work and she really puts in a lot of heart and soul into what she creates. This is one of the best ones in this competition. Everyone take the time to watch this and vote(5's) please!
#1 Flume
So bomb!
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