"And it really made me realize about how they, they're just sort've drifting to the other side. They have one foot here and one foot somewhere else, and yet for some reason it doesn't bother them. You know? And you know, you're right. All I know is what I see, and all I know is that somewhere along the line, you're not going to be afraid anymore. Somewhere in that last, those last hours, it's gonna go away." Performance in March 2017 Carnival Choreographer's Ball in Los Angeles, CA. Choreographer: Rafael Quintas Dancers: Akane Takekawa Allie Peterson Arielle Hope Creager Blake Gaylord Cailyn Rice-Robinson Ellyott Colon Emmy Frevele Kristin Farina Kylie O'Brien Mando Cardona Steph Gevone Heckert Victoria Chabaud Music: "Praye" by Eastghost

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