This piece is about finding your Purpose in life. Despite any mistakes that you have made in your past, God still has a Purpose for your life.

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
Keywords: Purpose
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Overall rating: 4.9
Votes: 55
271 points


#29 Amazing
Choreography is so inspiring and beautiful
#28 beautiful
this was reall touching! i loved it!
#27 So nice!
Love it!!
#26 Amaze Balls!!!
#25 Great job
Amazing ladies!

#24 Amazing!
This piece just fills my SOUL! The music, the dancers, the use of scenery....Wow! Definitely one of my favorite works by RDP. ❤️
#23 Powerful!
This piece...the choreography & music marriage...brings up emotions deep within. So thought provoking!!!
super emotional, super beautiful. super talent...
#21 Brilliant
Fabulous use of movement, scene and perspective. Bravo!
#20 Powerful
Well done! So powerful!

#19 great video
loved it
#18 Beautiful
Beautiful piece. My favorite
#17 Truly beautiful
Such an up lift performance of worship....simply beautiful
#16 Amazing piece
This piece is amazingly beautiful and very inspiring💜
#15 Identity video
Inspiration passion full of joy

#14 Purpose
#13 Purpose
#12 Beautiful!!!
Stunning in every way!
#11 When beauty, art, soul, and passion coll
Wow 😳 this is some next level.. such a beautiful talent. Can feel the passion
This piece was so uplifting and beautiful to watch, such a great way to give the audience a reminder of how important our "identity" and purpose is. Very inspiering!

#9 Love!
So beautiful!
#8 Inspiring!
I was inspired by the "Pure Beauty" demonstrated in this video. The dancers, appeared to be dancing on air as they changed locations, and interpreted the music. The choreography was clean, precise, and identified the passion (Identity), of the choreographer! DRich
#7 Incredible!
This is such a beautiful piece and looks so gorgeous! 5/5
This has the most amazing message and is danced so beautifully!! I love it!! <3
#5 Love this!
This is amazing! Such a beautiful sight! Go ladies!

#4 Beautiful!!
This was executed with such precision and grace! From the choreography to the footage, just everything. You can feel so much of the emotion that you can't help but love it. Great job!
#3 Captivating
This is truly a captivating dance video with exceptional choreography. Thanks for sharing.
#2 Looooove!!!
This video is so inspiring and impactful! It expresses a multiple of things! Every day we live life, we serve a purpose here. Most importantly, knowing who are; our "Identity" helps us to find that purpose we have, and live it to the fullest! I love everything about this video!!!!
#1 Love!
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