the Fates

*Leighanna Kennett Official Capezio Ace Awards 2017 Submission Video (Please disregard the 1st upload of "the Fates", as that video is darker.)* - Thank You In Greek Mythology, The Fates were incarnations of Destiny and Life. Filmed by: Danny Flores (dfvfx) Danced by: Marissa Benshoof Mariah Hilliard Emma Kraus Morgan Cherokee Leighanna Kennett Music by: Vaults

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Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: General
Keywords: Contemporary Vaults The Fates Leighanna Kennett
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Best one yet.
#2 Yesss
So amazing!!
#1 cool music and concept!
love this group of talented dancers - very cool concept with lanterns, love the make-up, costume, movement!!!!
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