Booking Dance Festival Beijing 2008

A slideshow of photos from the Booking Dance Festival Beijing 2008. Want to learn more? Dance Magazine Associate Editor Emily Macel was there. Read her full article in the February 2009 issue of DM.

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#3 Correction
Thank-you to A Archangel Fit Owl
#2 China Trip
A special thank-you to the Archangel Fit Owl for guiding us safely there and back. KR
#1 Inspiring Video
This is such a beautiful example of East meets West through dance. Many thanks to all of the dancers who participated from Kim Robards Dance, Odyssey, Beijing Modern Dance, National Ballet of China, TAO Studio and to Jodi Kaplan, Leslie Scott, and Alison Friedman. Wishing all of the dancers, translators, audience members and theater staff many more amazing dance experiences. You will remain in my heart forever. Kim Robards
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