Corella Ballet Documentary Trailer

Be the first to watch the preview-trailer to an exclusive documentary on the creation and development of Angel Corella's "Corella Ballet de Castilla y Leon"! Excerpts include class and rehearsals at the Company's studios in La Granja de San Iledefonso, early performances in Barcelona and La Granja, and the culminating Sept.'08 debut performance of the entire company in Natalia Makarova's full-length "La Bayadere" at the Teatro Real in Madrid.

If you would like more information about this project, please contact the producer or The Dance Films Association.

EDITOR: Scott Esmond
"Follias Gallegas" by Santiago de Murcia. (Spanish, c1689 - 1734)
Performed by: Rolf Lislevand & Ensemble Kapsberger
CD: Santiago de Murcia: CODEX,
CD LABEL: Naive-Astree copyright 2005

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¡Muchas gracias, Gerri, por habérmelo enseñado! ¡Tu trabajo es una inspiraicón! Te deseo mucho éxito!
#22 Great job!
VERY NICE! Beautiful! Congratz!
#21 Beautiful!!!
Gerri Gagnon did a great job with the place, colors and dancers. Wonderful.
#20 xD
love it!!!
#19 !!!
i love watching this video...again and again and again!!! ~Kassandre Renee www.TinyDancer211.webs.com

WOW! this is absolutely my favorite video on this site. Amazing! Now I really want to be in the Corella Ballet when I grow up.
#17 Wow!
That is really cool, these dancers have beautiful technique.
#16 awesome
amazing! I'm speechless.
#15 stunningg
this was amazing, the dancers there are so beautiful! i had no clue about this company their technique and artistry is outstanding great jobb !!
#14 Wonderful
How so very lovely. The dancers are wonderful, I really enjoyed watching. It was very inspirational, I really hope to be able to dance like that. Thank you :)

#13 Beautiful
This was so elegant and amazing. I loved it!
#12 I wish
I wish I could dance like that. That is very impressive. They are sooo elegant.
#11 Lovely
This is by far my favorite video on the site. :)
#10 Corella Ballet Video
INspirational video... Such grace and elegance!
#9 beautiful
this is sooooooooooooo beautiful.

#8 : 0
They are soooooo cooool! Wish I could dance like them.....
#7 Wow :]
i loved this they are amazing
#6 I'm so happy this is done!!
I really look forward to viewing all the documentary. What a great idea that of documenting the creation of a classical ballet company nowadays from nothing and in a country that even having so great dancers didn't have any since 20 years ago. For sure only Angel Corella was able to do this and what a company we have!! Thanks Angel!! Thanks Gerri!!!
#5 i love it
it was a pleasant surprise to see that it was in segovia, spain in the beginning. i have traveled there, and around that area, and it was so beatuiful. i'm happy to know that Angel Corella and his company were there as well. they all danced beautifully.
#4 beautiful
great dancers and beautiful technique, i loved it..

#3 ahhhhhh
it the most beautiful thing i love ballet
#2 Corella Ballet video is a delight!
Gerri Gagnon has given us a tantalizing preview of this exciting new company! Spain, at last, has its own classical dance company and it is fitting that these historic moments be captured on film. The amazing Angel Corella and his young company have obviously accomplished wonders. I look forward with great anticipation to viewing the documentary in its entirety - and to seeing Corella Ballet live, whether in Spain or the U.S.!
#1 The beauty of the work
I love the focus of the dancers as they enter the process of learning and rehearsing their roles. There is something almost religious about the one pointed devotion that comes with this profession. This film is a window into a sacred space.
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