travis atwood 8 year old contemporary dancer

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Event: Dance Spirit Future Star of the Month
Category: Modern
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#8 wow
u were so cute ur amazing for 8 keep dancing ur gonna be great one day.
#7 OMG
those were great leaps, you're better than most 10 year olds i see! keep dancing!
#6 OMG
That was great! I wish i was that good at 8!! Keep up the good dancing!
#5 omg
you are really good! keep dancing!
#4 so jealous
you are soo good... i wish i could have been like you when i was 8!!!

#3 jez
your so good you will be a star keep dancing :)
#2 OMG
That was great for an 8 year old, wow, wonderful leaps.
#1 WOW
That was absolutly AMAZING!!!!!!I LOVED IT!Keep dancing.
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