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Dmitri Roudnev trained for eight years at the renowned Bolshoi Ballet Academy in Moscow, Russia, and later danced as soloist with the Bolshoi Ballet under the direction of the great U.N. Grigorovich. Dmitri Roudnev offers private ballet lessons in Memphis TN during the entire year. His special training program is unique and promises accelerated progress. Dmitri Roudnev has years of experience in helping injured dancers return back to their dance careers. The joy these dancers feel to no longer have hip injuries, back pain, sciatica, or shin splints are Roudnev’s greatest accomplishments.

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#3 no
get rid of this russian crap
#2 what about the rest of her placement?
When he had her at full 90 a l'seconde, her body was leaning, her center was weak, and she was not pulled up. In front was worse. If you don't want to force turnout, one must compensate for ones natural or lack of natural ability. Legs in second will be slightly in front of 180. In front, hip, will not be forced into pelvis, And to the rear..very few dancers can keep the leg with hips square, and lift leg to above 45 degrees. Naturally, some dancers are very loose, and can do it. Most can't.
#1 umm...
it was good but not always true well not for me but ill vote 4 points
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