nutcracker-arabian dance

2008 nutcracker.... Terrero Miller Ballet Institute..

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Keywords: nutcracker arabian dance cascanueces danza arabe
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#6 cool
thats awesome your school dances beautifully. :)
#5 yes!!
yes i have about 4 year in this academy =)
#4 Nice
The dancer on the right to begin with finishes her movements nicly. You all do, but hers stand out. Also, really focus on STAYING TOGETHER while you dance.
#3 school?
is this the ballet school you go to?
#2 awesome
it was so elaborate!i wish i could do the nutcracker but i've been too nervous to try out!

#1 Kool!
Pointe shoes! I wanna go on pointe u guys do it beautifully :)
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