Somewhere over the rainbow

Somewhere over the rainbow, Musical theater/Vocal. Girl/Age 10.

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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 34
169 points


#26 Singing
Great progress is such a short time.
#25 Performer of the year
Loved hearing your beautiful voice!!!! You nailed it!
#24 Somewhere Over
You've got me singing over the rainbow the whole day today, that says something, great job 5/5*+++++.
#23 Woop Woop, Look high the rainbow is ON.
You nailed it girl.
#22 No words
Goosey feelings my dear, you're a Star. ~NaMaStE

#21 Over the rainbow
Great job, wishing you much success!!!
#20 Warm feelings
Loved it girl. The only advise that I can give you, don't look back at the barriers you have broken, you might not realize it but you are way ahead. WoW can't wait to hear your songs soon
#19 Made my day.
This is LaLa Land worthy material. Love your looks, not mainstream pretty but rather old glamour beauty, your facial expressions are spot on. Keep it up.
#18 Not bad Not bad.
Way to go lil sister, ya got soul in you. ✌️
#17 Somewhere over the rainbow.

#16 Excellent.
My daughter is supposed to sing this next week at her school, we are up to 6 replays of your video already, we are in awe with you and your classic look. Lots of love from Denver.
#15 I can hear "you" my dear.
I enjoyed it, not bad at all. Be careful with your endings, stretch them out. High vocal range is great, breath all the way in, start stronger and low at the same time. Thank you.
#14 Niiiiice.
Way to go girl.
#13 Oh my
Love this, Young Tallent in the making for sure.
#12 The apple doesn't fall far from the tree
What a range, and at such a young age. You are your fathers daughter. (Should hear him sing Rock you like a hurricane) Early Congrats, I can tell you'll go FAR.

#11 Papou Approves.
Beautiful voice, "Bravo Kouklitsa"
#10 Lovely & Pure
A promising artist that will go far, keep believing in yourself, and never give up hope to reach your dreams! Beautiful voice, gave me goosebumps :)
#9 Great job
Beautiful and talented young woman, who is strong and has such potential in accomplishing her goals and dreams!
#8 Awesome
Keep on being great.
#7 Musical theater/Vocal
A true multi talented artist in the making ❤️Dedicated, passionate, and eager to know more.. I enjoy watching you grow and learn and improve each day; your hard work and motivation and love for singing and dancing is seen in the sparkle in your eyes!

#6 Victoria Karatzas
Lovely performance by sweet Victoria! Thank you for sharing, and best of luck to you!!
#5 Overall performance
Such beautiful moves and sweet voice
#4 Such a young, old soul.
You never seize to amaze me.
#3 Vocal
You sound beautiful, good song choice!
#2 Over the rainbow vocals
Excellent vocal range and Octaves

#1 Victoria karatzas
Very talented incredible girl
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