Divergent Minds

"Divergent Minds" is a piece about mental illness. This piece shows how each dancer struggles to face their illness even when they have someone to support them. Each dancer goes through their own journey and experience throughout the piece. At times we can feel alone even when surrounded by other people. The negative stigma around mental illnesses can greatly affect someone that just wants to be treated like a normal human being. This piece became very personal for each dancer, and helped them to try to comprehend what others may be going through. This dance is performed by undergraduate dance majors from Slippery Rock University of Pennsylvania.

Views: 3,582
Event: Capezio A.C.E. Award Competition 2017
Category: Performance
Keywords: Contemporary Modern
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Overall rating: 5.0
Votes: 36
180 points


#10 Best Contemporary
This piece is so beautiful! The choreography and dancers are amazing!
#9 Divergent Minds
#8 Divergent Minds
Wonderful choreography and beautifully performed! Message was conveyed beautifully through the choreography and the artistry of the talented dancers. Very emotional. Brought tears to my eyes! Well Done!!
#7 Divergent Minds
#6 Divergent Minds
Beautiful dance!

#5 Contemporary
Awesome choreography!!!!... Beautiful dancers!!! Great interpretation!!!!
#4 Contemporary
Awesome choreography!!!!... Beautiful dancers!!! Great interpretation!!!!
#3 Best Contemporary Modern
I love how the dancers' feelings flow through this emotionally choreographed piece!!! Well Done!!!
#2 #1 Divergent Minds
Beautiful choreography depicting the inner conflicts of mental illness. A powerful and captivating piece. Exceptionally talented choreographer and dancers from Slippery Rock University Dance Department.
#1 Divergent Minds
Stunning and so meaningful!
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