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Hi Im 13 And I Make Up My Own Routines And Dance Moves.

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#13 ok....? erm
its ok.. i can tell ur having fun, but it wasnt the best, i bet u could do better! = ) i totally didnt wanna make it sound harsh
#12 mean
there mean even if they think that you don't say it and you dont take it your having fun right so who cares if you are having keep going
#11 Let go! :D
You need more room girl. throw it, thrash it, punch it, hit it. take what you did and push yourself, go farther than you think possible. The hoody idea, is great, use a pull over unless you plan to use the zipper in your moves. take what you have and take it farther. :D
#10 ....
It's OK to just have fun praising the Lord! Not everyone has to be serious or professional.
#9 And...
I Do Choreograph But this Isnt A ROUTINE!! I Was Doing Random Moves That My Hip Hop Teacher Who Is My Cousin Taught Me.

#8 cmon peopl!
u guys r bein kinda meannnto the girl! =[[[ this is just an improv dance! no one said it has to be perfect hip hop moves!
#7 p.s.
stop with the big swetter you´r always fixing it in the so called dance ( more like a horrible shaking)
#6 sorry girl
not trying to affend you but those classes are SO not working. And that is not hip hop you are just jumping around and moving your arms badly and off beat. And you are kinda always doing the same thing. so maby you are an ok dancer but a horrible choregraper. and i never see your feets. but do yourself a faver and learn how to dance before you add videos. People are just laughing at you. sorry
#5 Actually....
I HAVE BEEN TAKING CLASSES! Ive Been takin Hip-Hop For 5 Years Now. And Im On A Competitve Poms Team. So Obviously You Dont Know How To Do Do Hip Hop. Except Casey :)
#4 Not good.
It's good to enjoy yourself while dancing, but I also agree that you need to take classes. You have great potential in your quality of movement.

#3 Hmmm
Stop lying to the poor girl she needs to know the truth.. its not that great!!! seriously go take some classes.
#2 wow
It's obvious that you love dance! Your a good dancer even though it's hard to dance in a crowded room. Don't let anyones negativity get you down! Keep up the good work!
#1 Okay......?
I'm not trying to be mean or start a fight, but honest to god you look like your having a seizure in some parts. Take some classes.
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