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Here's something I worked on briefly - I wasn't able to spend a lot of time on it, but I wanted to see what you think. I've been dancing for about a year now, just wondering about my technique. Sorry I kept hitting the carpet!

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#3 point.
point your toes much harder. You'll eventually get your instep and you can get on pointe if your not already.
#2 great
the feet and turnout were good but all i saw was plieing and pointing
#1 Dance from your whole body...
I love your enthusiasm and willingness to put yourself forward in the world. The fact that you only film your legs and feet tells me that you think dance happens primariy in that area. The strenght in your upper body and abs, however, should fuel the rest of your movement. It's obvious you're just starting. Keep up the good work and dance from "your whole" self. And more importantly, keep dancing! You'll keep getting better and better.
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